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           BCS-FACS Evening Seminar Series

             The Computer Ate My Vote

                   Professor Peter Ryan

                 University of Newcastle

                      4 September 2006
                      6pm start

                 BCS London Offices
                 First Floor,
                 The Davidson Building
                 5 Southampton Street
                 London WC2E 7HA

For centuries, we have largely taken democratic process for granted
and placed trust in the paper ballot approach to casting and counting
votes. In reality, the democratic process is one of considerable
This was recognized at the dawn of democracy: the Ancient Greeks
devised mechanical devices to try to sidestep the need to place trust
in officials.

For over a century, the US has been using technological approaches
to recording and counting votes, level machines, punch cards, optical
readers, touch screen machines, largely in response to widespread
corruption with paper ballots. All have been prey to various scams and
forms of corruption or just plain malfunctions. In the last few years,
UK has been experimenting with alternative voting technologies.

In this talk I will discuss approaches to achieving assurance of
accuracy and privacy in election systems.  In particular I will present
a cryptographic scheme that has the remarkable property of
providing voters with the opportunity to verify that their vote is
accurately counted whilst still ensuring the secrecy of their ballot.
At the same time, minimal trust need be placed in the technology
or officials.

Refreshments will be served from 5.15pm

The seminar is free of charge and open to everyone. If you would like
to attend, please email Paul Boca [Paul.Boca@virgin.net] your name
by 30 August 2006. Pre-registration is required, as security at the
BCS Offices is tight.

Location of the venue: http://www.bcs.org/upload/img/londonsscolour.jpg

FACS Evening Seminars: http://www.bcs-facs.org/events/EveningSeminars

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