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A few weeks ago my computer strarted behaving strangely.   I turned it on
one morning and it started up as usual, and showed the desktop screen, but
then seemed to be completely pre-occupied 'doing something'.   I could not
get it to open a program, or even move the mouse pointer at all.  In fact it
was rendered useless.

I assume a virus is to blame, or some other type of malicious program.  My
question is what can I do about it?  I have tried re-installing the system
disks, but on switch on it isnt reading or responding to the CD drive.

Is there some sort of software I can use that will help?


Re: anyone help?

On Sun, 14 Aug 2005 10:01:18 GMT, "Jeremy Watts"

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   Have a look at this pages -recommended in alt.comp.virus:

  You will find more help in the newsgroup mentioned above.


Re: anyone help?

Jeremy Watts wrote:

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It seems that your BIOS configuration skips the CD as a boot device, because
it speeds up the boot sequence. You can change the setting by hitting a
magic button (usually DEL) at proper time during start-up tests. The
details are in the manual of the motherboard.

-- Lassi

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