Anti-phishing toolbars broken?

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A number of anti-phishing tools are now available. They are supposed
to warn web surfers when they are about to enter a phishing web site,
so they can steer clear.

Unfortunately, they seem less then perfect. Not only is one my own web
pages branded as a "known phishing web site" by one of these tools
(Norton Internet Security Online), but another tool brand a well known
phishing site as "verified".

For some screen dumps, and some random thoughts, see the following

Any thoughts on what the cause of why these tools fail to make
the correct call in the two cases I write about?

Any related examples?


I would be thankful if someone reading this has Norton Internet
Security Online (NISO) installed, could check out the following
two URLs:
and tell me if both are  still flagged as a phish.

  My current screendump from NISO is in Norwegian.  I would like
  to replace it with one in English.   If someone with NISO
  installed can be kind enough to mail me a a dump of the alert
  it pops up when you try to access my "flash" page (provided it
  still does) - that would be much appreciated.  TIA.

- gisle hannemyr [ - ]
    "Don't follow leaders // Watch the parkin' meters" - Bob Dylan

Re: Anti-phishing toolbars broken?

Gisle Hannemyr wrote:

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Bullshit. If you're not warned, it might still be a phishing site. That's by

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Well, of course, this is one of the famous Norton malware packages.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Because the people are only selling something that gives a good feeling, not
actually provides security.

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