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Status:  closed  Subject:  Virus Software
Question:   I was wondering if any one use the free virus protection
called AVG?
And if so do you have any problems with it, and does it pick up
I have had problems with Noron Innternet Security that I just up graded
to. Computer has not been working right since I up graded to it. I had
to have it reformatted, because it would not download the software, but
it was proably due for a reformat any way.
Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

Posted By:  tab58au
Accepted Answer
I have a HP Pent 3 and upgrade by buying a Pent 4, On the Pent 3 I had
McAfee Virus Scan installed and shifted it to my Pent 4, Just before I
uninstalled Mcafee I Loaded AVG onto the Pent 3 and went to open an
E-mail and AVG picked up the Virus before Virus Scan.
Hope this Helps

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