Am I Being Hacked - Follow Up

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This is a continuation of 'Am I Being Hacked':

I could not post a reply to the original thread as I got the error
message 'Unable to retrieve message
Xns95CCDA1E34C7FjasonRlarue@' ....

Anyways, I deleted the files 3 days ago and they have not appeared
since then,
and I have been using the web frequently.  I also did a full search
for files containing *svg* *.4 *.5 *.6 *.7 *.8 and found nothing.

I have not been doing any Video Editing, or any activity that could
require 3 GIG giles, so I am at a loss as to what has created these

I ran a full Norton AV scan, Pest Patrol scan and Adaware scan, but
nothing showed up except the usual 'data miner' cookies.

Not sure what else I can do ...

Re: Am I Being Hacked - Follow Up

Quoted text here. Click to load it
Quoted text here. Click to load it

The large 3Gb files that you mention could be caused by absolutely any
application or process. I recommend the following steps:

  - Download and run "HijackThis" and check for any browser hijacks  (This
software is freeware)

 - Download and run "Adaware" and check that you have no malicious spyware
or adware running.

 - Visit and run a full system scan, check
you have no trojans, viruses or anything else lurking around.

 Once you have run these three tools, you can be as sure as possible  that
your system is not compromised. Remove the files that you've seen.

  Now check the services list and check that there are no strange services
running and check your process list for any processes that shouldn't be
running. If you're not sure of any of the process names, a quick check on
google will usually tell you what they are.


Adam Palmer
Learn Security Online, Inc.

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