alt.crypt sporge flood continues -- ??

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I notice the sporge flood on alt.crypt continues.  It's
ongoing for weeks now, going on months.  I think if it
originated in some spammer or cracker, he would have
been tracked and put out of business by now: no sign of
this.  Thus I think it originates from some Government
organization who is doing it to suppress or hide some
information.  Censorship.  Is anyone speculating who it
is and what they are up to?  What are current opinions
about this ongoing nuisance?

Cheers - Martha Adams [ 2007 Dec 15]

Re: alt.crypt sporge flood continues -- ??

On Sun, 16 Dec 2007, in the Usenet newsgroup, in article

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I'm not subscribed to that group - but 'sci.crypt' has been flooded
intermittently for well over a year.  It was pretty obvious that the
flood originated by some jerk who couldn't stand his clueless
statements being exposed as such.  The less brain-dead news providers
are filtering most of the garbage, and what they miss, a good news
reader can filter off.

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OK, you're at a disadvantage because you are using a crappy web browser
as a news reader, and it lacks a lot of features such as being easily
able to show the entire message INCLUDING the 'headers' at the top
of each message.  You might only see

Subject: alt.crypt sporge flood continues -- ??
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2007 02:48:05 GMT

whereas by pressing an appropriate key, I'm able to see 15 additional
headers in your post, including "Path:" (which lists the series of news
servers the message took from your computer to mine), "NNTP-Posting-Host:"
(which is your IP address), and "X-Trace:" (which provides a bit more
information). These headers (or similar) are found in every post,
including all of the sporge.

If you actually did look at those headers, you'd soon notice that
the kid who is sporging is using a large number of computers in
various parts of the world. These are "home" systems run by ordinary
people whose technical skills are at the absolute limits trying to
set a digital clock, never mind something complicated like a computer.
The computers are set up for "ease of use" - which means there is no
security, and the computers are usually infested with mal-ware that
the users installed to make things easier to use. Consequently, any
ten-year-old kid can reach in from anywhere in the world and take over
the computer to spew onto the Internet, and to impress their
class-mates.  You'd be able to recognize this by the fact that the
"Path:" header shows the sporge originating from many different
places, and many different ISPs.

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See above.

Why not use your web browser for it's intended purpose, and go to
your favorite search engine and search for "Usenet Death Penalty"
or "UDP".

        Old guy

Re: alt.crypt sporge flood continues -- ??

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  You're basically right - especially about the "crappy" bit - but it
- Microsoft Outlook Express - is not a web browser, but a news reader
(and a MUA).

Frank "Nitpickers R Us" Slootweg

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