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what are the major problums with using America Online Instant mesanger
and are there ways around them?

and dose anybody know where i can download a program that can be saved
on a disk to skip a login screen on a xp machine? lost pasword for
computers at school.not mine.


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You have just illustrated that the biggest problum[sic] with using AOL Instant
mesanger[sic] is illiteracy.

Maybe you should spend less time trying to break into your school computers
and more time studying english.


the only problum with people like you is you think that you know
everything in the world. and yet you dont answer the question at all in
anyway. im sorry that my english isnt that great and i im not breaking
into any computers at my school i am doing afterschool tech support so
mind what you say.


jupiter wrote:

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Common guys there is enough BS in the World! I would prefer to escape it

Colin, the problem with AIM, MSN ,etc is the ability to download files which
many IT security personnel do not like. This is why many companies choose
to block AIM, MSN, etc.

What do you mean, skip the login screen? Do you mean skip that stupid ad pop
up? Or do you mean have the program login automatically for you. Or do you
mean do something your are not supposed to do?


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