A viewpoint on Email tapping

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I asked this to Stratton Sclavos - CEO of Verisign and this is what he
Wonder where we are headed...

[Question] Recently some senators were riasing the problem of the
government not being able to tap into emails the way they can do with
telephones and wanted a legislation that would force ISPs and other
intermediaries to allow such taps. What do industry leaders think?
Will it happen?


[Stratton Sclavos] I think the answer I like to give to that is that
it's really a foregone conclusion that global communicaitons is moving
to a digital infrastructure. And that means so are the criminals. My
own view is that law enforcement will need the ability to dissect what
is going on on these digital networks the same way they have been able
to on the traditional voice network. And so verisign will provide
services that will function and an intermediary between law enforcment
and carriers, and following the laws, make such services availabe

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