A Fix for a undetectable computer virus

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Hi y'all,

I've been researching undetectable computer viruses for about 12
years. I'm interested in this topic because I had a small computer
repair business in the 1990's which was destroyed by a virus that
evaded detection by ALL of the available AV software on the market.

I bought a DOS v5.0 from a Chinese clone computer distributor which
was represented as a Microsoft DOS. When I installed this DOS and
Windows 3.1 on my PC and restored my data, I started noticing my
customers acting a bit strange shortly thereafter. After about 5 years
of strangeness, I was led to the knowledge that I was spreading a
virus or malicious code.

Well...Long story short, my life changed forever. I was financially
slammed and on the edge of homelessness for many years. Many of my
clients apparently believed I wrote this virus.

I'm a former US Marine and tried my best to do the right thing. My
attempts to resolve the issue failed.

Then, I found an incredible way to fix this problem. I am still in a
financial abyss and I'm trying to get my piece of the American Pie.
This fix is truly amazing.

Please consider purchasing this information. It actually could reduce
the deficit we have with China. (Believe it or not)

By the way, I'm not a programmer. I believe this malicious code is the
result of the AARD code in Windows 3.1. The DOS was not a MS-DOS. Back
then I didn't even know who MS was.

PS: The problem with planned obsolescence in computers is that
eventually someone will create a non-detectable virus to exploit it.
That's exactly what happened in 1992. Who ever decided that it would
be a good idea to allow china to manufacture our PC's needs to have
his head examined. Does anyone out there have the ability to detect a
malicious code that is on blank 1.44 floppy diskettes. All I have to
do is format a floppy/u and I have a malicious diskette.

Re: A Fix for a undetectable computer virus

On Feb 27, 6:29=A0pm, reallybig...@gmail.com wrote:
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Dang, I forgot the most important part.

Please go to my website for info on this FIX. Multiple references at
bottom of the page.

Re: A Fix for a undetectable computer virus

reallybigfix@gmail.com wrote:
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Your opinion sounds paranoid, but it is not:


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PC diskettes are containing a boot sector. This is code, which is
executed, when you insert an "empty" diskette and trying to boot from
it. Usually it writes "No operating system" or something like this onto
your screen, then halts.

Because diskettes are not common any more, I think that the special
diskette problem is not much important any more.

Bitte beachten Sie auch die Rückseite dieses Schreibens!

Re: A Fix for a undetectable computer virus

On Fri, 27 Feb 2009 16:29:59 -0800 (PST), reallybigfix@gmail.com wrote:

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You just outed yourself, asshole.

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