60+ some odd processs running from Symantec, MS HP on my "idle laptop"

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My HP laptop which I bought last ay seems to take significantly longer
to finish the boot process than it did several months go.
If I do a process tree (see below) with nothing open that I am running
it shows an incredible 66 processes from Symantec, MS, and HP mainly.
I'm not sure how much memory or CPU this stuff uses,but it must take
along time to load and initialize on startup correct? Is this typical ?
Is that stuff slowing down my machine and will only get worse ? What
should I or could I do ?

Process    PID    CPU    Description    Company Name
System Idle Process    0    63.64
 Interrupts    n/a        Hardware Interrupts
 DPCs    n/a        Deferred Procedure Calls
 System    4
  smss.exe    636        Windows NT Session Manager    Microsoft Corporation
   csrss.exe    684        Client Server Runtime Process    Microsoft Corporation
   winlogon.exe    708        Windows NT Logon Application    Microsoft Corporation
    services.exe    752        Services and Controller app    Microsoft Corporation
     svchost.exe    932        Generic Host Process for Win32 Services    Microsoft
      wmiprvse.exe    2872        WMI    Microsoft Corporation
      HPQTOA~1.EXE    3824        HpqToaster Module
      hprblog.exe    3000        Hewlett-Packard Product
Assistant    Hewlett-Packard Co.
     svchost.exe    980        Generic Host Process for Win32 Services    Microsoft
     svchost.exe    1124        Generic Host Process for Win32
Services    Microsoft Corporation
      wuauclt.exe    2312        Automatic Updates    Microsoft Corporation
      wuauclt.exe    3672        Automatic Updates    Microsoft Corporation
     svchost.exe    1224        Generic Host Process for Win32
Services    Microsoft Corporation
     svchost.exe    1320        Generic Host Process for Win32
Services    Microsoft Corporation
     ccSetMgr.exe    1728        Symantec Settings Manager Service    Symantec
     ccEvtMgr.exe    2004        Symantec Event Manager Service    Symantec
     ccProxy.exe    160        Symantec Network Proxy Service    Symantec
     SNDSrvc.exe    172        Network Driver Service    Symantec Corporation
     SPBBCSvc.exe    216        SPBBC Service    Symantec Corporation
     symlcsvc.exe    324        Symantec Core Component    Symantec Corporation
     LEXBCES.EXE    568        LexBce Service    Lexmark International, Inc.
      LEXPPS.EXE    656        LEXPPS.EXE    Lexmark International, Inc.
     spoolsv.exe    624        Spooler SubSystem App    Microsoft Corporation
     AluSchedulerSvc.exe    1552        Automatic LiveUpdate Scheduler
Service    Symantec Corporation
      AUPDATE.EXE    916        Automatic LiveUpdate Module    Symantec Corporation
     LSSrvc.exe    1628            Hewlett-Packard Company
     mysqld-nt.exe    1776
     navapsvc.exe    1792        Norton AntiVirus Auto-Protect Service    Symantec
     svchost.exe    1844        Generic Host Process for Win32
Services    Microsoft Corporation
     wdfmgr.exe    1880        Windows User Mode Driver Manager    Microsoft
     hpqwmiex.exe    404        hpqwmiex Module    Hewlett-Packard Development
Company, L.P.
     alg.exe    1940        Application Layer Gateway Service    Microsoft
     svchost.exe    3524        Generic Host Process for Win32
Services    Microsoft Corporation
     NSCSRVCE.EXE    756        Norton Security Console Norton Protection Center
Service    Symantec Corporation
     LUCOMS~1.EXE    1540    1.52    LiveUpdate Engine COM Module    Symantec
      LuCallbackProxy.exe    1256        LuCallBackProxy Module    Symantec
      LuCallbackProxy.exe    1892        LuCallBackProxy Module    Symantec
      LuCallbackProxy.exe    3212        LuCallBackProxy Module    Symantec
      LuCallbackProxy.exe    2588        LuCallBackProxy Module    Symantec
      LuCallbackProxy.exe    2720        LuCallBackProxy Module    Symantec
      LuCallbackProxy.exe    3028    28.79    LuCallBackProxy Module    Symantec
    lsass.exe    764        LSA Shell (Export Version)    Microsoft Corporation
explorer.exe    1596        Windows Explorer    Microsoft Corporation
 TSVNCache.exe    600        TortoiseSVN status cache    www.tortoisesvn.org
 igfxtray.exe    2208        igfxTray Module    Intel Corporation
 hkcmd.exe    2224        hkcmd Module    Intel Corporation
 igfxpers.exe    2232        persistence Module    Intel Corporation
 SynTPLpr.exe    2244        TouchPad Driver Helper Application    Synaptics, Inc.
 SynTPEnh.exe    2284        Synaptics TouchPad Enhancements    Synaptics, Inc.
 HP Wireless Assistant.exe    2320        hp Wireless Assistant
Module    Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
 hpwuSchd2.exe    2420        Hewlett-Packard Product Assistant    Hewlett-Packard
 eabservr.exe    2468        Quick Launch Buttons    Hewlett-Packard
 jusched.exe    2680        Java(TM) 2 Platform Standard Edition binary    Sun
Microsystems, Inc.
 ccApp.exe    2752        Symantec User Session    Symantec Corporation
 realplay.exe    2760        RealPlayer    RealNetworks, Inc.
 qttask.exe    2772            Apple Computer, Inc.
 itype.exe    2856        IType.exe    Microsoft Corporation
 ipoint.exe    2868        IPoint.exe    Microsoft Corporation
 msmsgs.exe    2896        Windows Messenger    Microsoft Corporation
 ctfmon.exe    2904        CTF Loader    Microsoft Corporation
 GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe    2932        GoogleToolbarNotifier    Google Inc.
 hpqtra08.exe    3132        HP Digital Imaging Monitor    Hewlett-Packard Co.
  hpqste08.exe    2828        HP CUE Status    Hewlett-Packard Co.
 WZQKPICK.EXE    3292        WinZip Executable    WinZip Computing LP
 soffice.exe    3416        OpenOffice.org 1.1.5    OpenOffice.org
 procexp.exe    3948    6.06    Sysinternals Process Explorer    Sysinternals
hpqimzone.exe    2324        HP Photosmart Premier    Hewlett-Packard Development
Company, L.P.

Re: 60+ some odd processs running from Symantec, MS HP on my "idle laptop"

wbsurfver@gmail.com says...
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First, almost nothing in the list named HP or Lex or Real or msmsgs or
jusched or qttask needs to be running - they are helper applications
that sit in the background and waste resources. You can find drivers
that are stripped down that do a better job on their vendors sites. As
for Real/Jusched, just disable them and manually check for updates.

Oh, you don't need the google or any other search helper experience
either, you can remove them in add/remove programs.

Your Symantec seems to have a problem - none of the 2000+ machines we
have shows more than 1 LU serice running. I would suggest that you
uninstall Symantec anything, reboot the computer (while not connected to
the internet directly) and then reinstall and update.

[snipped list of processes]

I just bought my son HP laptop, very high end, and it took more than a
hour to remove the trial-ware, the crap, the tool bars, the stuff that
should never had been installed.....

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Re: 60+ some odd processs running from Symantec, MS HP on my "idle laptop"

I would highly recommend removing Symantic (Norton) software in
general. I recommend Avast antivirus (it's free), and turning on
Windows firewall
in control panel: security center (also free). Not only does this save
money, but provides higher security. I used to be a big Norton
supporter, but they
have failed me in the last few years. I also had an HP, and like you
Symantic Suite was installed and keeled my computer, if the add/remove
does not work, I recommend contacting HP and they have an uninstall
tool. I also agree with Leythos that many of the remaining tasks dont
need to be
running on startup. To disable these go to the start menu: run: and
type in msconfig (!!!warning from this point on!!!). Navigate to the
last tab on the right
and you will notice it contains many of the programs in your list. Do
not disable anything you dont know, but qttask, open office, etc can be
disabled. Many
programs run things for "faster startup" of their programs if you
choose to run them, but this slows down the computer the entire time.
Do not edit anything
on the other tabs as this can damage your Windows install.

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