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Re: ZoneAlarm Service Agent popup

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This is from "Contact with Zone Labs" and then in the "Exceptions" tab in the
ZAPro6 Control Center regarding contacting ZA.

"Alert me with a pop-up before I make contact  Displays a warning before
contacting Zone Labs to deliver registration information, get product updates,
research an alert, or access DNS to look up IP addresses.
Note: There are certain situations in which you will not be notified before
contact is made. Those include sending DefeneseNet data to Zone Labs, contacting
Zone Labs for program advice, when an anti-virus update is performed, or when
monitoring your anti-virus status. The "Share setting anonymously..." setting
below, turns off the DefenseNet transfer. All other settings can be disabled
from the main tab of their respective panels."

So it 'appears' that you can stop ZAPro6 from contacting Zone Labs without your
permission or notification.

Re: ZoneAlarm Service Agent popup

Buffalo wrote:

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Perhaps I failed to make my question clear. Please excuse my murkiness.

What I meant to ask was this. You seem to be asserting that you are aware of
ZoneAlarm establishing contact with ZoneLabs (or perhaps some other
provider?) despite the fact that you have deselected the options in
ZoneAlarm which would tend to cause the program to do so.

I was trying to learn from you  what behaviors on the part of ZoneAlarm, or
perhaps some other program or piece of hardware was initiating contact. For
example, do you have transcripts of internet connections with ZoneLabs, or
log files either from ZoneAlarm or some other software or hardware whowing
that connection being established and used?

Re: ZoneAlarm Service Agent popup

Aug 2005 12:31:47 -0500, me wrote: Begin  

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Same version here,
except that I originally got it as a re-branded eTrust product.

I recently evaluated the ZAPv6 but wasn't impressed with it's lack of
features and the bloat that replaced them.



Re: ZoneAlarm Service Agent popup

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Quoted text here. Click to load it
My current version is................

ZoneAlarm Pro version:6.0.631.003
TrueVector version:6.0.631.003
Driver version:6.0.631.003
Anti-spyware engine version:
Anti-spyware signature DAT file version:01.200508.111

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