Zinsser 2966 PaperTiger Scoring Tool for Wallpaper Removal Single Head

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Makes a horrible noise while going over the walls, but other than that, does
fairly well to aid in wallpaper removal.  
I bought this tool in '02, I had several paint contracts that year. A 5000sq ft
office building with paper borders, wallpaper in restrooms and kitchen, paper
from chair rail down in customer service areas, had to be painted. I admit, I
kind of panicked. The salesman at my paint supplier recommended this gadget. It
worked out great! A garden sprayer,wallpaper stripping solution,my Paper Tiger
and a 6" drywall taping knife(about 10 garbage bags)took me about 6-7 hours to
strip it all off, cleaning up the mess as I go. If not for the little Paper
Tiger I might still be peeling the face off, then spraying the underlying paper
backing and rolling that off a precious little at a time. Great time saver,
never once penetrated the paper covering on the drywall beneath.
My wife and I had some wallpaper and some border to strip so that we could
repaint a bedroom and bath.  In combination with a spray-on gel stripper, I used
this scoring tool to help with the job.  I found that it does a great job of
easily scoring the paper and the resulting holes do allow the stripper gel to
penetrate better.  If I had anything negative to say it is that in a lot of
cases this is unnecessary.  By doing side by side tests, I was able to get as
good of results by spraying the stripper onto un-scored border as I did when
using the "paper tiger."  In fact, at times the scored paper was more work to
remove because it tore into smaller pieces during removal.  I think this tool
will be great for removing heavy/commercial wallpaper or wallpaper that has been
painted over, but I also think that it is overkill for an awful lot of home use
Paper Tiger, Wallcovering Scoring Tool, Multi Directional Cutting Wheels Allow
Movement In Any Direction, Even Circle, Conforms To Any Wall Or Ceiling Contour,
Lifting Action Allows Removal Solution To Penetrate Into & Under Any Coated
Paper, Including Foils & Flocks, Proper Use Prevents Wallboard Damage, Not
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