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Is the use of newsgroups with yenc safe?


On that special day, Louis Miller, ( said...

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Huh? YENC is for attachments only. Are you not interested in the
messages themselves? Then please go to alt.binaries.*; we aren't of
that kind.

Gabriele Neukam

Ah, Information. A property, too valuable these days, to give it away,
just so, at no cost.


Louis Miller laid this down on his screen :
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I seldom respond in this newsgroup because of all the knowledgeable
subscribers.  You are posting with Microsoft's Outlook Express, which
is the only major, e-mail software used as a newsreader that does not
support the yEnc posting style.

I do not know if the forthcomming vista e-mail program will support the
yEnc Usenet posting style, but you need to modify your Outlook Express
to see what you might download and convert/open.  If you do not use a
different program for the Usenet or modify your OE I would believe you
could be in danger because you are downloading and converting the yEnc
files blindfolded.  NoT all Usenet poster have malware free computers.

There are number of posters using the yEnc posting style to deliver
attachments in binary newsgroups that you would never download if the
yEnc posting style was transparent to you via a yEnc capable

I would suggest you have a look at Zen's webpage that list many free
yEnc software programs and a few solutions for Outlook Express users.  
What I like about his webpage is his organization by operating systems.

Zen’s webpage should provide you with a solution, to stop putting on a
blindfold when trying to download, combine and convert/open yEnc

JR the postman

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