Yahoo Needs a Virus

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I am not one to endorse computer viruses, but in this case, I think
one is due.  If Yahoo wants to turn over confidential records to the
government, I think Yahoo needs to be blasted with viruses.  Not
viruses that affect other people, just Yahoo themselves.  Ideally,
wipe out every bit of data they have.  That way, they cant give any
more to the government.  I know for fact I will never use Yahoo again
for anything. I already trashed my yahoo email address and the yahoo
groups that I was subscribed to.  Fuck Yahoo. The best thing that
could happen to them would be to completely shut them down.

I am hoping Google fights this to the end (like Yahoo should have


Re: Yahoo Needs a Virus wrote:
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Uh huh.........How exactly does that work? Discriminating malware? lol

Re: Yahoo Needs a Virus

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malware? lol

Even if they get the IP address, most people don't have domain names so they
would have to then go thru' isp records. This gets more complicated for
dial-up users who have dynamic ip. Easy enough for a specific user or small
number of users but hardly a worthwhile excercise for just fishing.
We've gone thru' this before with Hoover. The part that seems so senseless
to me is he collected all that data then it just sat there, probably
wouldn't have been admissable in court.
Dave Cohen

Re: Yahoo Needs a Virus

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so they
"We've gone thru' this before with Hoover"

You mean Mary? Mary with the red dress on and his live in lover and
Assistant Director of the FBI, Clyde Tolson.

Mary used information on US politicians to stay in power. He blackmailed
just about every president and powerful elected official during his

During the late 1960s and early 70s, my friends and I were the subjects
of surveillance by the FBI and other US Govt. agencies. Why? Because we
were outspoken critics of the Nixon administration. Campus radicals? No,
I belonged to the Vietnam Veterans Against the War and my girlfriend's
father was a leading member of the ACLU. We made a few speeches and
attended some demonstrations.

That was over 30 years ago but my FBI dossier was full on wrong
information which is still there! They had "records' of me being places
and doing things that I had no involvement in.

The current administration has picked up where Nixon left off and they
have been somewhat more careful to not make the same illegal mistakes
that Tricky Dick's boys got nailed for. They have taken it a step


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