Yahoo anti virus (norton) and E-mail

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Anyone hear of this problem

I have a customer that was trying to E-mail with an attachment, created with
the new Office 2007.
Office 2007 saves documents by default as .docx and Yahoo was reporting a
virus in every attachment, I scanned the documents with two online scanners
and AVG free (this is on Vista by the way) and all showed virus free.

I had the customer send out the attachment after walking her through
changing the default extension to .doc, guess what? no problem Yahoo did not
declare the E-mail to contain an infection.

anyone else having this problem? or hear of this?


Re: Yahoo anti virus (norton) and E-mail

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Does this mean No??    I'm the only one?


Re: Yahoo anti virus (norton) and E-mail

Clark wrote:

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Perhaps not many of the readers of this group have chosen to use the
expensive MS Office application, and instead use the free OpenOffice
suite, which does the same thing for no cost. /

Or perhaps nobody creates .docx files and mails them to Yahoo people.

Your own statement would seem to prove that Yahoo flags on file
extensions, whether infected or not.

Do you think it might be possible that Microsoft changed the formatting
of 2007 word docs so they wouldn't be compatible with OpenOffice?

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Re: Yahoo anti virus (norton) and E-mail

a.nony.mous@example.invalid says...
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I use both Win/Nix platforms and can assure you that OO IS NOT a
replacement for MS Office. There are MANY conversion difficulties, many
issues with formats, etc...

If you are going to work with OO then you need to use a format that
works well when converted to MS Office formats and be prepared to have
to adjust formatting any time you collaborate with documents that cross

If you are only working with yourself or other OO only users, then OO is
a great product, and the price is right :)

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Re: Yahoo anti virus (norton) and E-mail

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Thanks for the replies
I personally use Open Office and MS office 2003, I beta tested 2007 and
hated it.
I gotta tell you, the last Microsoft meeting I attended, I got the
impression that MS was definitely concerned about Open Office because they
spent allot of time talking about it.

Open office does open the 2007 .Doc format but the type looks weird (like an
M is not quite right).
Oo did not, know how to open the .Docx extension though.

No I'm not a big fan of Microsoft either (BTS)

I was guessing that the information would be scarce on office 07 .

I didn't think to go to the Yahoo site to look for an answer (thanks VG)
I was still thinking the AV  would be looking for the  .exe  .bat  .com and
that's it, but come to think of it the .Docx ext. is sorta xml.

anyway the customer is happy now.
I did try to open the .docx file with the latest Word viewer and that did
not work either (I think MS is shooting themselves in the foot)

In the meantime more and more of my  customers are asking me if they should
by a MAC
go figure.

thanks again

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