xdelbox 1.5 release,most powerful suspicious files deleting tool

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      XDelBox is the most powerful tool to delete files,especially for
getting rid of visus,malware,spyware,adware,trojans,and so on.
  Sometimes,lots of antivirus system or malware removal tools just
continual alert a virus in your windows system, but can't delete it.
  That's because the key file of virus has some special technology to
prevent beening deleted in the normal windows system ,then XDelBox
just provider the DOS environment to delete the key file. In the DOS
environment you can absolutely delete the file of virus easily,So
XDelBox is powerful and efficient tool to help you kill the virus or
get rid of various malware.

  @@@Getting Started:

     You just do simple steps: 1. Add the suspicious file path   2.
restart and delete at once

     Three methods to add the suspicious file below:

     * input the suspicious file path ,and Click "Add"

     * drag the suspicious file to the "file list box"

     * right-click in the "file list box" , Load From Clipboard or
Load From text File,this supports the multiple lines copy or load.

       the format of selected text to Clipboard or the text file could
be like this:


    After adding all the suspicious files,right-click in the "file
list box", click "Reboot To Delete At Once" .

    Then XDelBox will auto-generate the dos environment,and boot from
the "Go XDelBox To Del Files" ,then boot again,anything is OK.

  @@@User skills:

      * default backup files : in software folder\backups\*.*.bak

      * Delete driver file safely : it's important for system to be
safe,because some advanced virus has driver protection,if you first
delete the driver file and not fix the driver service "be disabled
",the windows system maybe breakdown . So XDelBox jsut replace the
venomous driver file with a simple safe driver.

      * Prohibit Regeneration:if that selected, XDelBox will create
the same named folder of the deleted file to Prohibit Regeneration

  @@@Support System Config:

        Windows 2000 Professional
        Windows 2000 Server
        Windows XP Professional / Home
        Windows 2003 Server

        The format fo disk "C"=A3=BAFAT32=A1=A2NTFS=A1=A2NTFS with compress

        NO SUPPORT TO  Windows Vista

        NO SUPPORT TO the system disk is not "C" disk


     Unfortunately if your system happen can't into normal system OR
unexpectedly blue error,please select the boot menu in 5 seconds.

     for example,your system is XP professional,and after boot the
menu will be:

     Microsoft Windows XP Professional
     Go XDelBox To Del Files

    You can select first,"Microsoft Windows XP Professional "

  For more information , please visit the author's blog:http://

  And any other question,you can mail to me :egomoo@gmail.com

download link:http://www.live-share.com/files/277293 /

Re: xdelbox 1.5 release,most powerful suspicious files deleting tool

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Nifty. If you don't mind my asking, how are you providing the reboot to
dos environment?

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