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My current setup is of the subject. I have read up on Windows Firewall
and it says that is quite adaquate for incomming attacks but dosn't
worry about outgoing. It also talks about trojans being able to
compremize it. My question is if I have an Antivirus shouldn't it catch
the trojans before they start sending outgoing events and affecting my
windows firewall. Any discussion appreciated.

Ben Pazolli

Re: Windows Firewall & Trend Micro Antivirus wrote:
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that much is correct...

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all software firewalls are subject to being compromised or otherwise
broken by malware...

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if your anti-virus can detect the trojan then it should stop it, but
there's the problem - there are always some your anti-virus can't detect...

some people think a software firewall can be used to catch/stop what an
anti-virus program can't, but the fact of the matter is if the malware
is allowed to execute then it has the opportunity to disable/attack any
security software you have running including the firewall...

a software firewall on it's own is only good at controlling the traffic
to and from your machine under the assumption that the programs running
on your machine are all playing by the rules - and some people think
that means outbound filtering is a waste of resources... there are,
however, many programs that are not malware that still try to make
connections you might not want them to make so outbound filtering helps
there but only there... it's really not effective when used against

this is one of the reasons i use kerio personal firewall - it does what
you'd expect a software firewall to do (both inbound and outbound
filtering) but it also has a feature that lets you control which
programs are allowed to execute... this can mitigate (but not eliminate)
the threat malware poses to the firewall and to your system...

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Re: Windows Firewall & Trend Micro Antivirus wrote:
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Where you should be going is to the O/S and secure it as much as
possible from being attacked. The personal FW, AV and other snake-oil
junk like Ad-aware and others are only as secure as the O/S has been
made to be secured, because the solutions run with the O/S.

You do things like unbinding Client for MS networks, MS File and Print
Sharing off of the NIC, because you have no need to be in any networking
situation with a machine that's connected directly to the modem and to
the Internet.

You should do some of that along with other things in the links.

You might want to consider this as well.

SeeSoft :)

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