Win98SE error msg trying to install AVG 7.5

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avg75free_432a904.exe    this is the correct version for Windows 98SE.
This is the second time I downloaded it at 17MB.

Bcz of my crippled modem, I used the FreshDevices DL manager, and it
literally takes *hours*.

Double click. I get this Error message: "This program is not a valid
Win32 application." AAARRRGHH!!!

I run AVG 7.1, SpyBot S&D, AdAware SE, and Spyware Blaster. They find no
problem.  I'm praying this isn't a virus, as suggested in a couple GG
threads -- with this modem, an online virus scan probably isn't an


PS: If FreshDownload Manager corrupted the download, what's a better
(free) one?

Google efforts:

Win32app - Errors

Likely cause: Resident W32 code virus, e.g. CIH
Mechanism: The virus infects Win32 PE executables as they are
downloaded. If these files are self-extracting archives, as they usually
are, the CRC self-test fails if the contents of the file have been
altered - e.g. CIH.SpaceFiller writes its code into "unused space"
within the file and this breaks the checksum validity.

5-Star Support offered this:

"If you receive the subject error message while trying to install a
program from a CD, this may be due to corrupt installation media or
corrupt installation files."       No CD involved.

Re: Win98SE error msg trying to install AVG 7.5

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Theres some more info here...

Personally ive found that some download managers can cause that problem
too.Dont ask why or how because i dont know ,however,from my experience
it happens.If its possible download without the manager and try that

Re: Win98SE error msg trying to install AVG 7.5

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Ok..this is weird.I just tried to download the avg file from the official
site ( ) using
flashget download manager.Immediatley flashgets cpu consumption went to
80% plus ,and kerio 2.15 firewall produced an error that said its driver
had to shutdown as some other software was conflicting with it.I
reinstalled flashget and kerio ,and tried a manual download of the file
through firefox.That worked ok.I tried again using flashget and got the
same firewall error and high cpu usage.I reinstalled both kerio and
flashget again and performed a winsock fix.I tried to download the file
again and again high cpu usage and kerio error.I reinstalled both again
and performed winsock fix and tried other downloads with flashget.The
result was no problems.I downloaded the same file from majorgeeks at
different location...again no problems.I tried once more at the official
site and again ,high cpu usage and kerio error.Very strange.

Re: Win98SE error msg trying to install AVG 7.5

DemoDisk wrote:
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I installed a while back from avg75free_432a828.exe and it worked fine
and still does.

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I have to presume it's not a Win98SE problem.

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