Win32/Mytob.Eb Worm

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Anyone else inbox filling up with Win32/Mytob.EB Worm today.I know im not
infected but its filling me inbox contantly grrrr..Regards Mat

Re: Win32/Mytob.Eb Worm

On Tue, 14 Jun 2005, Mat wrote:

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Mytob has been a real pain for me.  It forges various role addresses as
the alleged sender and I am the list-owner of a list that has one of those
role addresses aliased to the list.  Guess who has been getting tons of
bounces since Mytob came out?

My list of role addresses that I have seen forged include admin,
administrator, info, mail, register, service, support and webmaster.
That list may not be complete.

Another alias for the same mailing list was forged as the sender by an
earlier worm and spammers have latched on to that one.  Ooops!  A 50%
increase in spam to the list.

Aaarrgghh!  I hate virus authors!

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Re: Win32/Mytob.Eb Worm

After having 50+ yesterday i had none last night then this morning i got a
few more and there still coming lol
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