Win XP and Virus Scanning

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While looking up "locked files" and "scanning" for Win XP on the
Microsoft website I found this:

Re: Win XP and Virus Scanning

Poster 60 wrote:
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What about it? I let the AV scan all files and folders on the NT based
O/S. All the AV does is put out a message indicating the file is locked
and moves on to the next file and doesn't slow down anything.

I guess one might have a problem with a domain controller in a
networking situation, server, client server or Web server and those
machines would be scanned during off hours.

Duane :)

Re: Win XP and Virus Scanning

Duane Arnold wrote:
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   Suit yourself,  I'll trust Microsoft's judgement on this. Those files
don't show up as locked.

Poster 60

Re: Win XP and Virus Scanning

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Much ado about nothing.

That article was written well over six months ago. If a problem existed,
dontcha think we'd all have heard of it in big blaring headlines by now?

If there exists a set of files that shouldn't be touched by anti-virus
programs, and there very well may be, then dontcha think it would be up to
the AV vendors to consult with MS and alter their scanning engines
accordingly? Or ... do you seriously believe that several hundred milliion
end users need to be alarmed and individually modify their virus scanners
based on some obscure Microsoft Knowledge Base article?

Thanks for your contribution ... now go away.

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