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Re: Which one AVG OR NORTON?

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A while ago a question was posed about a method used by adware to make
programs "sticky". The term for this is "guardian" as in 'guardian process' or
'guardian program' and refers to a process or program that operates to ensure
the 'well being' of another process or program - usually reinstating the program
or process if found to be not present or running. I attempted to find some links
for the poster to visit - but soon realized that just about *any* security
was pretty likely to use this as part of its name.

I'm sure the same thing is true of "defender" wrt security software.

Re: Which one AVG OR NORTON?

Pedro Sanchez wrote:
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For average computer users, it really doesnt matter what kind of AV
they are using, the most important aspect of safety is user's behavior,
yeah, I know it's mundane talking, but it's true, in order to be safe
on the internet, you have to refrain from engaging unsafe bahaviors,
otherwise, no AV can protect you, just like no police or FBI can
protect your life if you always mingle with junkies and members of
street gang, most they can do is to show up in time and clear up the
mess after harm has been done to you and your computer, nevertheless,
competent cop does make a difference, so does good AV, therefore, I
would recommend kaspersky,

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