Which AV software - Dialup?

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Hi All,

I realise this request is completely subjective but I'm after some Antivirus
software for a friend.

They have a Dell PC, they are not too computer literate and they are
currently using a dial up connection (wanadoo).

To avoid any user hassle, the AV software would need to;
o Make sure sure it's kept up to date itself.
o Not take too long to download updates
o Only update itself if the internet connection is up and not nag the user
into connecting to the internet as this has before pissed them off so much
that they have just removed it.

There is a chance that they will eventually change to a broadband connection
which will take the hassle away (hopefully) but in the mean time we have to
make sure the dialup stuff is OK.

They are willing to purchase a subscription service and not necessarily go
for one of the freebie downloads available, we looked at the AVG free but at
an 11mb download on a dialup connection it really would be a pain in the

Any thoughts appreciated.



Re: Which AV software - Dialup?

On Tue, 31 May 2005 22:10:22 GMT jp wrote:


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I use Avast! on dial-up.

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You have the choice of auto update or for the program to notify you
that an update is available.  I choose to be asked but YMMV.

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Three to ten seconds for most updates.

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Set it up correctly...
    1. Update (Basic) > Automatic/Ask
    1a. Details button > Normal/Silent plus three selections.  
    1b. Proxy button > "Direct connection (no proxy)".
    2. Update (Connections) Check the "I only connect ... dial-up
modem." box.
    3. SMTP - Fill in the blanks.

My biggest hassle was getting the firewall to play nice when I first
installed Avast!  The forum, http://forum.avast.com /, was very

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A friend in France has club-internet DSL for about 25.00/month.  She
seems happy with it.

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Download is about 8.5 mb.  Be patient. ;-)
Ernie B.

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