What's about Avast ?

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I've heard lot of things about Avast. Finally, what's your feeling about
this program ?

Re: What's about Avast ?

Per Access Denied:
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Been running the freebie version for several years now with no

I came from PC-Cillin, which I'd rate as 2 on a scale of 1-10.

Worse than no support - they string you along. wasting man hours,
until you realize there's little or nothing behind the inane
automated answers and boiler plate.

Also, when some unauthorized entity is trying to get to your PC,
PC-Cillin's alert is interruptive.  That means if something is
hitting your box three times per second, you cannot get any work
done at all until it dawns on you to pull the LAN plug.

OTOH, I find Avast tb very well behaved: a solid 9.
Protection-wise, I don't know enough to comment - but I do know
that I haven't had any problems since beginning to use it.

Re: What's about Avast ?

Access Denied aka access-denied@wanadoo.fr on 8/4/2008 in
with this jewel:

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Some get warm fuzzy feelings when they read the message at the bottom
of their e-mails or see the spinning blue ball in the tray. What
particular feeling are you looking for?

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Re: What's about Avast ?

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Love it. Works good. Finds viruses. Blocks them. Low resource use.

Install it for all my friends, and then it can e-mail me if they get a
virus, and I can help them. As I said. Just love this program.
 Lars-Erik  -  http://www.osterud.name -  ICQ 7297605

Re: What's about Avast ?

Access Denied wrote:
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This is quoted from the PCmag and the link is at the bottom:
"avast! antivirus 4.8 Home Edition
avast!'s virus protection isn't far behind that of the top antivirus
products. It removes spyware nearly as well as the top antispyware, and its
resident protection against new infestation is excellent. This is some
seriously impressive protection, considering that it's free for personal


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