what is UTM?

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What is UTM?

UTM stands for Unified Threat Management, which is more than 2 years
old term in Internet Security, this term was first created by IDC.

In short:

Gone are the days when a dedicated firewall is sufficient to fend off
hackers from corporate networks, Unified Threat Management (UTM) is an
emerging trend in the network security appliance market. This evolution
introduces a new all-in-one network security device that provides:

3.Content filtering
4.Intrusion detection and prevention.

You can also find traffic shaping, VPN, Virtual Domain and even web
proxy caching in some UTM boxes like ASTARO.

Now you can get one UTM box like FG-50A from Fortinet at less than
$1000 with one year service contract which fits even small budgets.

In the past these services, traditionally, used to be handled by
multiple systems and only large biz can afford to have.



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