What is this file??

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Trying to delete all files in my temp directory. It says this file
(qpgishs23dl5.tmp ) is a system file and warns about deleting it.

A google search turns up nothing.

Any ideas??

AV scan shows nothing


Re: What is this file??

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It looks like a tempoary file in the temp directory the O/S could be
using at the time you're trying to delete it.

Duane :)

Re: What is this file??

Duane Arnold wrote:
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If it is a temp O/S file, or indeed a temp file in use by an application, if
you try to delete it you will get an error message, and deletion will be
denied.  However, it should not survive a reboot.  If it appears to, check
the exact time of creation; it may be appear to be the same file, but the
creation time will differ on reboot.

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Re: What is this file??

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MZB wrote:
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I don't know why a program would want to set a temporary file as a system
file. What's the modified time stamp? If a temporary file is older than the
last time you restarted the computer it should be OK to delete it.

You could submit it to VirusTotal[1] which would give you a good idea if
it's a nasty or not. You could also try moving it to a different folder and
if all is well after a week/month (depending on how paranoid you are!)
delete it.


[1] http://www.virustotal.com /
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