What is name of running process for AVG, please?

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AVG free is currently doing the daily scan for viruses.  I need to
know what the name of its running process is.  I have these items
listed that look like they belong to AVG:


Are any of the above the actually scanning in progress?

Thanks.  :)

Re: What is name of running process for AVG, please?

On Sun, 01 Jun 2008 22:05:26 -0400, MitchellWmA

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It's alright.  I see there was no response.  Fortunately for me, I
found a minimize to tray app that will accomplish what I was trying to
do.  If I'd known the name of the process, I could write up a script
in AutoIt that would minimize AVG to the tray.  But fortunately, this
new freeware I found not only works as a standalone but also is
niftier that other great apps of this kind.  At least, I thought they
were.  WonderfulIcon is a separate entity that rest in the tray and
you have to remember to press control right click on the minimize
button in order for app to go to the tray.  With 4t Tray Minimizer
it's even better.  It adds an actual extra button whenever the app is
launched.  So you just press on the new, little funny minimize button
and the app goes.

Time and time again, I seem to run into the trouble where I must
reboot in the middle of AVG's computer scan.  If I don't shut down
AVG, it will resume the scan and the point it left off when I next
launch AVG.  But the scan no longer takes place in the tray.  AVG then
rests on the taskbar after an interruption like that.  NOw so easy.  I
can fire up 4t and then minimize to tray and can continue with good
amount of taskbar real estate at my disposal.


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