what exactly is Cox's new relabeled security blanket

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Question: what exactly is Cox's new relabeled security blanket, might anyone

5 Products Combined to give you Peace of Mind

.Anti-Virus protection for your PC, it detects viruses on demand
.Firewall software helps keep unwanted Internet users from accessing your
.Parental Controls help filter the sites your kids are visiting and set time
limits for Internet use
.Anti-Spyware software detects programs that invade your privacy and affect
PC performance
.Pop-Up Blocker provides a pest free surfing experience.

New Desktop Console  All of these programs are managed through a Cox High
Speed Internet Desktop Console, providing one easy place to change settings
and find alerts.

I understand the child thing is a joke, as anyone using Parental Controls in
their computer, has already lost touch with their children.


Hmm... It took a bit of digging but it looks like they're using Authentium's
ESP Integrated Security Suite.

See <http://isp.authentium.com/ for product details.


 Is this system reviewed by a reliable testing company, or is this Cox
 getting on the we protect you advertising bandwagon like AOL's - In my
 opinion, AOL's system appears to be a complete failure to protect their


 This is a very good point. Both AOL and Cox are running warm and fuzzy
 TV commercials on security. Utter bull.


 Not that I've seen... Authentium's stand alone anti-virus program,
Command Antivirus, has been tested by Virus Bulletin and others many
times... I haven't seen any tests of the ESP Suite though.

Jeff Setaro

The jury is still out apparently - I am still searching


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