What are "Rootkit" based viruses ?

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Apparently we're all going to have to battle "rootkit" based viruses in the
near future.

Could someone please tell me what a "rootkit" based virus is and, if I get
one, how I can remove it?

Thanks everyone,


Re: What are "Rootkit" based viruses ?

On Tue, 12 Apr 2005 21:37:40 +0000 (UTC), "Mark Tregenza"

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F-Secure has a short "primer on their web site: See
<http://www.f-secure.com/blacklight/rootkit.shtml for a start then


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Your welcome. HTH.


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Re: What are "Rootkit" based viruses ?

Jeffrey A. Setaro wrote:
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yes, if you don't mind their nonsensical 'rootkits in windows are like
rootkits in unix except without the root granting capability'...

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long story short, microsoft should never have taken away our ability to
boot from a known clean removable disk and now we're going to pay for
that mistake and microsoft will blame the malware authors and new
anti-malware software opportunities will open up...

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Re: What are "Rootkit" based viruses ?

On that special day, kurt wismer, (kurtw@sympatico.ca) said...

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If they provided a program similar to Barts PE and would shove it onto
the desktop at each reboot until it is done by the user, similar to
their advertising "Starting Windows Tour" for beginners, everything
would be fine.

Of course, an XP startup won't fit onto a 1,44" floppy.

Gabriele "has finally made said PE" Neukam


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