What Anti-Virus for Server?

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We have a small network and each have our own anti-virus on our
individual computers.  I am looking for an anti-virus program to
install on the server - something extremely small that will just
prevent a worm from spreading on the server.  We have our email
scanned and are safe everywhere else.  The server runs MS small
business server 2003.  I assume we can't just install any old
standalone PC version of a program like AVG or Norton?  Any

Re: What Anti-Virus for Server?

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Right, you can't install an AV designed for a workstation onto a server. In
almost all cases the program will technically enforce this restriction and
prevent you from installing it.

The reason companies charge so much more for server AV software is twofold.
One: Because they can. Two: because it often is designed to act as an AV
gateway protecting other PCs on the network as well as being a centrally
managed AV distributing AV signatures to your desktop PCs.

However.... If all you need is the standard workstation style AV on the
server (rather than one that protects specific server functions), I would
recommend a Micro Trend Officescan Corporate Edition solution. This is a
centrally managed AV solution that provides desktop protection to all of
your desktops AS WELL AS desktop style protection for your server. All at a
very good price. Typically about $59 per computer (depends on number of
licenses - minimum is 5). Check it out!



Re: What Anti-Virus for Server?

On Fri, 31 Oct 2008 14:17:37 -0700 (PDT), pwncpa@gmail.com wrote:

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Symantec Corporate Edition is pretty reasonably priced.

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