Webroot Internet Security?

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Hi there,

I posted earlier concerning "ESET Internet Security"and how I feel it
is a very good product.  However, one of my friends who is a software
sales person highly recommneded I use "Webroot Internet Security".  He
says it is light years ahead of any of the other Internet Security
Suites and would serve me well.

Unfortunately, I have heard little about this product.  Can anyone add
any feedback concerning this product?  Should I reconsider ESET and go
with Webroot Internet Security instead?


Re: Webroot Internet Security?

Chris wrote:

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Webroot is a software publisher, not a software developer.  They slap
their brand on other products.  Many software publishers do this.  CA
slaps the EZ-Armor name on the firewall they get from Zonelabs.

Webroot Antivirus: A rebranded Sophos antivirus product.  Poor coverage.
Webroot Firewall: PrivateFirewall from Privacyware.

Haven't bothered to track down from where they got the other products
they slid under their label.  

http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/01/22/AR2009012204236.html :

"In AV-Test.org's malware detection tests, Webroot identified only 89.56
percent of the huge "zoo" of worms, bots, and other evil creations
pitted against it. Top performers caught nearly 10 percent more. ... In
tests with two-week-old signature files, Webroot placed second to last
once more, with a detection rate of just 39.8 percent (top performers,
by comparison, averaged around 55 percent)."

"Webroot's backup feature offers 2GB of online storage space for free,
but we weren't able to create an account and test the feature because of
Webroot server problems."
You get 50GB with a free adrive.com account. There are better choices
for online storage, some of which are free.

For an equivalent to Webroot's privacy component, and if still using
Internet Explorer, get the free IE7Pro and use its privacy cleanup
module.  There are also a slew of other free products to do browser
cleanup.  Of course, you could run the web browser inside a sandbox
(many are free) or virtual machines (also many are free) to completely
and thoroughly eradicate all traces of what you did inside that web
browser session along with the protection of running the web browser
under an isolated environment.

Don't expect a salesperson to be technically expert regarding the
various methods used to detect pests on your hosts.  Detection is also
only one part of the equation.  Detection without eradication is mostly
worthless (well, if eradication isn't possible after detection, you get
stuck having to figure it out manually or do a wipe-and-reinstall).
Many tests regarding pest coverage only quote a detection rate and say
nothing about the effectiveness of disinfection (and without deleterious
side effects).  Sales people only need to know enough about the product
they sell to make some sales of it.  I bet your sales friend sells this
product or it is pushed by his company Sales department.

You probably guessed by now that I'm not impressed with Webroot
products.  You sure your sales friend said Webroot was light years
"ahead"?  Why pay for Webroot when you can get free products that do the
same as the components in their suite and which do an equivalent or
better job?

Re: Webroot Internet Security?

On 02/01/2009 04:19 PM, Chris sent:
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You really lack the proof to deem this "a very good product".

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Is this an area of expertise for the sales person? Light years?  Really?

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That's your first clue Chris.

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Hello Chris:

Again Chris, I mean no disrespect but it seems as if we should enlist
your help in locating antimalware solutions.  ...and then make sure that
what you find, or what you're told, is placed near the bottom of our
collective antimalware shopping lists.

Is it possible your sales person was told to promote that suite for
purposes other than its effectiveness?

When the very best folks, who consistently and successfully help others
in these newsgroups, have probably _never_ recommended either ESET or
Webroot, isn't that telling you something?

Please Chris, carefully reread what has been sent to you in these
newsgroup threads.  Perhaps even better, find out what *has* been
recommended to rid their systems of malware.

For the first time in many years, I read what PCMAG.com has to say about
payware products that deal with protection against malware.  I am deeply
disappointed and truly saddened.

In all these newsgroups, that deal with malware, what is most
consistently recommend for detection and removal of:

Rogue Malware
and more... ???

When you find this, your search should be concluded.

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” -Sir
Winston Churchill

1PW  @?6A62?FEH9:DE=6o2@=]4@> [r4o7t]

Re: Webroot Internet Security?

1PW wrote:
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That must have been the product installed on the Millennium Falcon that
allowed it to make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.  I had always
wondered how that feat was accomplished.  Now we know it was Webroot
(the Rebel Edition, of course).


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Re: Webroot Internet Security?

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Interjection - please excuse me!

I've posted the following item in the relevant Microsoft group, but it
has not appeared. It is important, to me anyway, that you receive same

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Yes. I apologise - I really did not expect it to be a real address. I
thought it a game. My bad. I'm sorry.

Things happen for a reason. I'm in touch with Tim Jackson through the
'alt.computer.security' newsgroup and now by email.

You may have picked up that I lost my younger son when he was just 28.
Read about Tim's trauma's here http://tim-jackson.co.uk/cancer.html

Thank you for helping me and the many others on the newsgroups, Pete.

I'll respect your wish (difficult!) but please note that my door is
always open. May God bless you and give you strength,

Re: Webroot Internet Security?

On 02/04/2009 03:14 PM, John D sent:
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Thank you John.  I appreciate that.

1PW  @?6A62?FEH9:DE=6o2@=]4@> [r4o7t]

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