VTE Virus Scanner Add-ons

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Added a greylist application restriction list to block common spyware/
adware and other malicious programs from running. The total number of
blocked apps is 1368 (which will also be updated and maintained on a
regular basis). P2P, Audio, and Chat Clients are not included in the
list, as this registry key was designed for home as well as corporate
users. To install registry blocks on corporate machines for
aforementioned applications that were not included, please visit
http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/assets/banned_exes.txt . Before
installing the blocklist, please backup your windows registry just in
case something goes wrong.

The CRC32 Database has been updated to detect malware for the Amiga
platforms.  Both the BHO and CRC32 databases now host 343055 unique
signatures.  The Plugin and Heuristic databases have also been

http://www.theory-x.net/users/erick/tt/vte/CRCDB.rar - CRC32
Database Update
http://www.theory-x.net/users/erick/tt/vte/update.rar - Plugins/
Heuristics Database Update
http://www.theory-x.net/users/erick/tt/vte/restrict.rar - Greylist
Application Restriction Database


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