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Until now I have been using ZoneAlarm as my firewall for my PC, but my new
machine will have the 64 bit version of Vista installed.  I see that
ZoneAlarm isn't available for the 64 bit Vista (and it seems it may never
be) so can anyone advise me on a comparable firewall to use please?

Re: Vista 64 bit firewall

On Sun, 30 Sep 2007 00:06:24 +0100, Mike JB wrote:

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You are not going to find anything better than the Vista FW and Vista in
itself due to the advanced features the FW and Vista are using.

Jesper's Blog
"If you try to block outbound connections from a computer that’s already
compromised, how can you be sure that the computer is really doing what you
ask? The answer: you can’t. Outbound protection is security theater—it’s a
gimmick that only gives the impression of improving your security without
doing anything that actually does improve your security. This is why
outbound protection didn’t exist in the Windows XP firewall and why it
doesn’t exist in the Windows Vista™ firewall."

Vista Firewall Control /

Read, comprehend and implement.

Good luck :)

Re: Vista 64 bit firewall

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You are wrong about the Vista FW/Packet filter. It can stop inbound or
outbound traffic, a two way FW/packet filter.

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