Virus using AVG

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Should Free AVG 7.5 remove virus



Re: Virus using AVG

| Should Free AVG 7.5 remove virus
| anti-vermins?
| Thanks

Not well.

Two part reply..

Perform Part 1 then perform Part 2.

If the first two parts don't work, perform the alternate section.

It is suggested that you execute each tool in Normal Mode then in Safe Mode.

Part 1

Use noahdfear's SmitFraud, SpyAxe, SpyFalcon, et. al., removal tool --

Part 2

Download SmitFraud.exe from the URL --

Execute;  SmitFraud.exe  { Note: You must accept the default of C:\McAfee }
Choose;   Unzip
Choose;   Close

NOTE: You may have to disable your software FireWall or allow WGET.EXE to go
through your
FireWall to enable WGET.EXE to download the needed McAfee related files.

Execute;  c:\mcafee\clean.bat
{ or Double-click on 'Clean Link' in c:\mcafee }

A final report in HTML format called C:\mcafee\Normal_ScanReport.HTML or
C:\mcafee\Safe_ScanReport.HTML will be generated.  At the end of the scan, it
will be
displayed in your browser (Opera, FireFox or Internet Explorer).  However, if
you are using
WinXP, Win2K or Win2003 your system will be left in a state where you will have
to manually
shutdown/reboot the PC.  On Win9x/ME platforms the report will not be shown in
your bowser
but your PC will automatically be shutdown.  It is suggested that you move the
report out of
c:\mcafee before performing another scan.

It would be best to scan in both Safe Mode and in Normal Mode and save a copy of
the HTML
report for each session.


S!ri's SmitfraudFix

Please Copy and Paste the contents of the HTML Log files;
C:\mcafee\Normal_ScanReport.HTML & C:\mcafee\Safe_ScanReport.HTML  in your reply.

* * *  Please report back your results  * * *


Re: Virus using AVG

Use Spyerase version 10, it's fast and free. It now has over 1700 signatures
to remove  All variants of Virusburst, Spy sheriff and Antivermins. New
Feature, Spyerase
will now update your hosts file. This tool is designed to Specifically
remove all variants.
Scan time is about 2 minutes. Designed for Windows 2000/XP only. Password is
still required.
First read this page then download
Spyerase from here

Check my feedback and see what others have said about it /

Feedback is very important to the development of Spyerase.
Let me know how it works. Send feedback here /


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Re: Virus using AVG

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