Virus? Taskbar/icons disappear, can't access programs (Vista)

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For the last day I've been having a very strange problem. After
starting up my computer running Vista, it runs normally for five or
ten minutes. After that, however, the taskbar and all desktop icons
disappear. If I have a program running it will stay in place, but I
can't right click the desktop or access the Start button to start new
programs and the only way to switch between programs is to use alt-
tab. I ran McAfee and it claimed to have found a virus Generic Pup D,
which it removed. I also ran Ad-Watch and cleared out all tracking
files etc, but nothing major showed up.

However, the problem still seems to be happening. I've searched the
newsgroups, but 'desktop' turns up a lot of spurious hits. Does anyone
know what this might be? Thanks!


Re: Virus? Taskbar/icons disappear, can't access programs (Vista)

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This may or may not help, but boot into SAFE mode and run the scan then.
Make sure it's not loading anything into memory. Then compare what is loaded
in safe and regular modes.

Re: Virus? Taskbar/icons disappear, can't access programs (Vista)

Figure this one out yet? Mines doing the same thing, stupid LimeWire.
I am running's virus scan hopefully it will find
something. I disabled 5 or 6 startup items that didnt have a publisher
and looked suspcious doesn't seem to be happening now. But I would
sill like to know what the heck is causing it do I can turn my startup
items back on.

Re: Virus? Taskbar/icons disappear, can't access programs (Vista)

Install Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware... if your desktop does not show, go
to task
manager (ctrl + alt + del) and click file > New Task (Run...) >
Browse and find
the program, run a full system scan, and when its done
and you restart your pc,
everything should be back to normal

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