Virus "link" in e-mail?

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A the son of a friend of mine had his computer majorly screwed with when
he clicked a seemingly innocuous link in a spoofed email.

Holding the cursor over the email link shows this is the status bar

I have substituted asterisks for 3 letters in the fake link.
The email shows what appears to be a real link to
but a right click/"copy link" gives the result showing javascript
(that is a paste of what actually copied)

I don't know how to explain it to them properly.
Any suggestions?

The missing letters are a 3 letter word for feline if anyone's interested.

Re: Virus "link" in e-mail?

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Sanjaya wrote:
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Well looking at a Google search of the web address it rings some alarm
bells; "adult" sites often serve up viruses, spyware or computer exploits.

What has probably happened is that their email client was told to download
a malicious program from a web site at the above address. It may have
required a user to click on the link or could have had code inside the
email which triggered it.

They should use a more secure email program (Thunderbird has a good track
record so far), should *never* read email in HTML mode and absolutely must
keep their operating system up-to-date with the latest security updates.


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Re: Virus "link" in e-mail?

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