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i believe the leader of this thread is just trying to get you to download
his plugins so he can
stell your card/bank details he is working with an isp who has a payment
server so be warned
about payment servers too as it could be the one you are just about to enter
your details into
result no money some day soon

virus checkers trend micro internet security pro and avg 7.5 are viruses.
just try uninstalling
them and put some thing like pctools internet security on your machine and
run it you should
find virues that have come from the trend/avg instalations try deleting any
trend or avg directorys
and run pctolls again you should have a clean system for a few minutes i
recomend  disabeling
your broadband by puling the wall plug if needs be this may apply to any
trend or avg products

all the best from the dark side of dr who. Hope you (the species) get
through the next 100 years,perhaps
or perhaps not. you should see my teeth if you want to be scared shitles
(i normaly keep hidden so as not to scare the natives to much). the alien is
a pussy cat
in comparison.

paypal may edit your dispute thread to try and avoid a refund or let hackers
do it for them

this is for the unwelcome visitors only

short list of unwelcome visitors

the guy at  this thread head if thats me then i am an unwelcome visitor to
because as any phyisist nows this makes a very big bang to have two of the
same objects
in the same place at the same time how do you think the universe was created
you dont
want a restart do you?? dont answer that as i wont do it again as it gives
you piles
well not untill my piles have settled anyway, well laugh otherwise i hit the
and bugger the piles
tony blair
ebay fraudsters
the mafia
the pope
plusnet personel
british gas personel(meter readers excepted)
drug cartell hardmen
but come if you must at your own risk and i have never hurt anybody
without just cause yet

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