Using/Activating CA AntiVirus without internet?

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  We have CA AntiVirus 2007 that I have 'installed' on a laptop that
is running Windows XP Pro.  I used the commercially made CD from CA to
install it.
 In this scenario, the computer does NOT have internet access, and
actually is intended not to be used on any network at all.
  The installation via CD seemed to go smoothly, accepting the
provided serial number and all.  After a reboot, the CA icon is
available in the system tray.  However the program indicates that it
cannot initialize the engine, and recommends getting the latest
product update... which if asked will attempt to get it via the
  In similar products that I've worked with, there was a way to
download the needed pieces on another machine... which I would then
'sneaker net' over to the non-networked machine.   However, I cannot
find any mention of this option in the CA antivirus help facility, nor
on their website.
  Have any of you run across how to update/activate this tool

Thank you.

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