UPDATE: The acv photo gallery has officially jumped the shark

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Inspired by the musings <cough> ranting of my friend,
Duh-wayne, I decided to do something fun on this otherwise
boring rainy afternoon in the Big Apple.

When I first "opened" the acv photo gallery a few years ago, I
clearly stated the reason for doing so:

"The purpose of the gallery is to show the world (wide web)
some of the faces behind the knowledgable, helpful, witty,
smart and smartass, and yes, even annoying and <cough> troll
posters of the alt.comp.virus newsgroup."

I realize that I have not kept up my end of the bargain. I
apologize to all of you for not following my own credo. I
humbly beg your forgiveness.

With that in mind, I now introduce to you the "acv photo
gallery - Jump The Shark edition". (Thanks, Kurt.)

What's different? Our new "friends" have been added.

I'm sure they'll learn to appreciate the honor, just as we have
learned to appreciate their helpful insight as to the inner
workings of our little group.

Though I've obviously lost Kurt's respect for doing this (not
that I ever had it, lol), I'm hoping I might still be able to
redeem myself by reinstating Art Kopp's original photo. (Though
if Art wants the "Monkey Man" animated version back, I'll

So now, sit back, grab a handful of Sour Patch Kids and pour
yourself a shot of Glenfiddich as I bring to you the
newly-improved (or not)...

alt.comp.virus photo gallery -- "Jump the Shark" edition:
http://www.queenofcyberspace.com/acvgallery /

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Laura Fredericks
4Q's "wicked evil bitch of satire, parody, humor and trollism"

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