Update on "6gwdeawk..."

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A while ago I asked for help with sorting something that SpyBot Tea Timer
spotted trying to change the search bar on my daughter's machine from Google
to www.nnnnnn.com/6gwdeawk.....
David Lipman suggested Multi AV and asked for a report.
For what it's worth here goes!

Followed the instructions and ran McAfee first in Safe Mode.
It found Swizzor and other things were reported that i didn't really
Finally said 29 possible infections; 29 deleted.

Then ran Kaspersky which reported several times Webhancer not a virus.
The process was taking too long in the limited time I had so stopped it part
way through.

On re-starting in Normal mode  Tea Timer came up with the usual message
about changing the search bar!

This week I visited again and prepared to continue with Multi Av.
However my daughter reported that the problem had not been seen since I left
and had spotted that AVG had put swizzor in the virus vault.
Looking at that, it was dated before my previous visit.
Puzzled but thankful the problem is overcome.

During this whole exercise two things struck me.
AVG quoted a file in  the temporary internet file.
McAfee and Kaspersky took a long time to process those temporary files.
Seems a good idea to get rid of them before trying anything else!

Comments anyone??

Thanks to David for the help.

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