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Re: Underware - new generic term...

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I'm not trying to copyright a word or a name or the definition of the word.

Simply, I've posted a copyright for the shortening of the term..

Undesired software that is loaded by any means
onto a Computer without the express wish or knowledge of the owner;
including Viruses, Malware, Trojans, Adware, Spyware and the like.



Is that really so difficult for you to fathom.

That doesn't mean that anyone using the term underware or underwear has to
pay a royalty or that I'm trying to ban it from English useage.

"Lassie go and get help"

Anyway I'm sure everyone's sufficiently bored with my underware and would
rather talk about something else.

End of thread.....

Re: Underware - new generic term...

That's the last time I wash my underware in public...

Re: Underware - new generic term...

David wrote:
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'shortening' in this context is an action... copyright doesn't apply to

"we are the revenants
and we will rise up from the dead
we become the living
we've come back to reclaim our stolen breath"

Re: Underware - new generic term...

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This is so dumb.  One, people are lazy - they shorten jargon to one
two syllables not three (adware malware software spyware ..)  I
suggest suckware.

Two - as usual for this stuff - the definition is fuzzy.  "without the
express wish or knowledge .." applies to every dll, javasript,
shockwave applet, windows update, autoupdate etc. etc.   And please no
"of course common sense applies.." -- the definition says "express"
wish or knowledge, and who gets to know what loads when you load
software?   You can't say "a program and its parts necessary to run,
since i'm sure corel thinks that lame eternal updater that comes with
wordperfect is "necessary."

Don't eat food thats bad for you. Don't load code thats bad for you.
Good luck doing either one.
Your lot in life is rental property. Payments due daily, utilities not included.

Re: Underware - new generic term...

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Windows gives you the option to activate Auto-update, as do many programs,
so it isn't operating without your wish or knowledge and isn't necessarily

If you buy a modem, you want it to work as a modem, which means the software
will load .dll files onto the system that run the modem... so how can you
say that Underware includes all .dll files ?   Same for all other devices.

Your examples don't make sense.

I suggest you think about this again, in my opinion your answer was 'pants'.

Oh and how many syllables in Soundspider, bit of a mouthful perhaps?

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