uh...oh...have I been had??

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OK-did I screw myself?? I got suckered by an email. It was from an "Ebay
user" saying that

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Please respond to my emails I will leave negative feedback and will report
you to ebay if you are not responding.

I have sent the money 2 weeks ago and received nothing.

Thank You


Quoted text here. Click to load it

It looked like the typical EBAY email. It had all the correct
graphics/markings. I was not involved with the item in any way. Anyway I
then clicked on the item. As the screen was filling in it dawned on me that
this smelled fishy so I x-ed out the window before it actually totally
filled in. I then went to the EBAY site and searched for the item # and it
indeed did exist (and it was the item stated). However, I then checked my
messages on EBAY and there were none, so clearly this was a phony.

I then ran my anti-virus software and nothing was found.

So, I guess my question is: given the above scenario, is it possible some
malware was put on my computer? Also, does anyone know what scam this could
be about?


Re: uh...oh...have I been had??

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Chances are slim that you were compromised based on what you've said.
You didn't provide your ebay login, didn't provide any information, so
there was little they could take.

These scams are to get your ebay account information.

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Re: uh...oh...have I been had??

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Another possibility is that the link in the email was to a non-eBay
site, phishing-style. If that was the case then the site may have
attempted to install spyware in a drive-by attack, even if the victim
did not log it fully.

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