Two more viral samples from the "Ximian-Evolution" spammer (October 14 / 2014)

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The XimianEvolution spammer is back.  

      X-Mailer: XimianEvolution1.4.6

Forcing malware attachments into users mailboxes since July 2013.

Here's the VT scans:

VT had not seen these before.  Detection scores - 24/54 and 26/54

The spam attachments are about 70-odd kb in size, too big to post to
usenet via AIOE (sorry Dustbin).

So if you want them, get them here:

Identified variously as:

 - Aspxor (that's new to me)
 - Zbot (when in doubt...)
 - Zortob
 - Weelsof

Neither one was detected by malwarebytes.

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