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In addition to a massive database update (~200MB of new whitelist/blacklist
 definitions), I've decided to make TTLivescan+ donationware, which is basi
cally the full version of TT Livescan with a few extras thrown in.  There a
re several reasons for doing this.

First and foremost, in the ~4 years that TTLivescan has been up, there have
 been no sales, and it's simply not worth the effort to maintain a keypool  
of nearly 500 million license keys (with a potential keypool of 4 trillion)
.  This doesn't include TTLivescan's predecessor, bringing the total lifesp
an of this project to just over 12 years.

The past 6 years to maintain server costs have all been paid out of pocket,
 while typically, I work one full-time job, and at least 2 or more side job
s that average 60+ hours/week.  The only reason I've maintained this projec
t for as long as I have is because of two factors:

1)I could afford to pay for the server costs.
2)I enjoy doing it.

Recently, I sustained a fairly serious injury that now prevents me from bei
ng able to work, and thus, I have almost no income at this current point in
 time. I'm looking at the very strong possibility of needing surgery, along
 with at least a year or two of physical therapy to fully recover.  Simply  
put, bills do not wait.  That's how the world works, unfortunately.

Logically, if I cannot pay my bills, I have to prioritize my life according
ly.  Unfortunately, there is the very real possibility that this project wi
ll simply cease to exist for an indefinite period of time, unless I can aff
ord to keep it afloat.  If you can't make a donation, at least help spread  
the word about it.

Erick Behymer

Temple of Transgression -
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Damn. Sorry to be reading this Erick. I hope things work out.

Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.

Re: TT Livescan+

After serious thinking wrote :
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Sorry to hear this, good luck with your endeavors. It has been  
interesting to watch your project grow over the years.

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Erick I'm sorry to hear about your serious injury. That must change a lot  
of things in your life. I hope you get better soon!

Jax :)

Re: TT Livescan+

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Best wishes and health to you Erick.

Multi-AV Scanning Tool -

TT Livescan+

New version is up, next database update will bring the collective database  
total to almost 400 million.  8 implemented databases and compatible with 3
2 commercial scanners.  If anyone has a list of malware scanners and their  
commandline scanners that aren't listed, feel free to provide me a list of  
that information, and I'll readily implement it.  Also a new database might
 be implemented within the next few months (provided I have the finances to
 renew the server/domain costs next year) that will combine the current dat
abases into something much more robust and dynamic, and blow the current ve
rsion of TT Livescan+ out of the water. We'll see how that goes.

Not trying to stir the pot, but to unnamed acav members specifically, the o
nly reason the email marketing list is no longer up is because it proved to
 be financially unfruitful. Nothing more, nothing less.  I would appreciate
 it if posts were kept on topic in regards to TT Livescan+ in the form of c
onstructive criticism, positive feedback and unbiased, objective analysis.  
 In layman's terms, everyone keep their panties out of a twist.

Thank you, and hopefully I can continue to provide the TT Livescan+ project
 in the coming years.  The other two links are also culminations of other p
ersonal projects of mine, if one is so inclined to peruse at their leisure.

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