True about a-squared Free 4.0?? Does it remove worm?

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Is this a safe program and are their claims true?

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 Conficker Worm Alert!

The Conficker Worm has shocked PC security experts. Over nine million
computers are supposed to be already infected. One million new
computers are being added to this every day. The solution to the
problem: The free program a-squared Free 4.0 checks whether Conficker
is already present on the computer. In the worst case, the free
program immediately removes the security risk.
a-squared Free 4.0 removes the Worm free of charge!

Salzburg, January 2009 - With a-squared Free 4.0, Emsi Software offers
a free security solution for private users. In addition to their own
Malware engine, this program uses another search engine from the virus
experts Ikarus in parallel, thus offering double the level of
security. This means that the program is currently capable of
detecting and eliminating almost 2.6 million types of damaging

The latest computer news shows the importance of comprehensive
protection for your computer. The Conficker Worm (also known as
Downadup or Kido) is currently doing the rounds in the PC scene and is
supposed to have already infected over nine million computers. The
worm exploits a number of known security holes to gain access to
computers. The concrete damage caused by Conficker is not currently
known, but it is built in a modular fashion enabling it to
subsequently load other programs from the Internet. This makes it
capable of loading functions for mass attacks and sending Spam.

Christian Mairoll, CEO from Emsi Software says: "The worm spreads so
quickly because it takes advantage of several weak spots at the same
time. It uses a security hole relating to the Windows RCP service,
which was already patched in November 2008, to send itself over the
Internet. Once it has access to a network then it attempts to spread
itself locally. To do this, a number of standard passwords are tested
in an attempt to gain access to other computers in the LAN. It also
copies itself via network shares and waits for a user to start, thus
installing itself on the PC. In this way it is capable of penetrating
and infecting networks that are well secured from outside attacks. An
infected USB stick only needs to be briefly plugged into one computer
in order to completely bypass all the external safety measures of a
network (Firewall, Gateway, Scanner etc.) and infect the entire LAN."

Re: True about a-squared Free 4.0?? Does it remove worm?

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How can there be such gaping vulnerabilities after all these years?

Re: True about a-squared Free 4.0?? Does it remove worm?

On 01/25/2009 01:22 PM, FERRANTE sent:
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"Safety" as in is this rogue software?  Yes. This is not rogue software.

Is this the first choice of the knowledgeable?  Probably not.  Are
better solutions available?  Probably so.

and are their claims true?

Please be very specific.  Which specific claims?  Does Conficker exist?
 Most assuredly.

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Re: True about a-squared Free 4.0?? Does it remove worm?

The Real Truth MVP wrote:

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Wow. Your little stolen script removes Conflicker/Downadup? You should
write to US-CERT and the other security firms and let them know. Maybe
you'll get a big write-up and then 10 million hits on your little web
page tomorrow...


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