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After a heavy attack by Trojan.Virtumonde, I was finally able to get rid of

Now, I am looking for a way to get rid of Trojan- Downloader .Injecter.

Any positive suggestions welcomed.  This is killing me.

Thanks in Advance,  Jim

BTW, purchased and ran a popular software "fix" for the Trojans.  I found
out the hard way that it was leaving one Trojan on my system, so I'd always
need them.

Re: Trojan- Downloader .Injecter

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Christ, Jim. What kind of sites do you frequuent anyway? Oh well, what
I would suggest is to download a trial version of "Trojan Remover" and
run it. If it removes it, great. If not, email the software author as
he is always willing to assist and is quite competent at resolving
such issues. Hope this helps. Here's the url.

Re: Trojan- Downloader .Injecter

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Hi Bill.  Give me a break....I have had no virus problems since 2007 and
none between 2002 and 2007.  So, two viruses in six years isn't that bad an

As for the last site that I was on before I was dropped into this dungeon of
death, I'll tell you if only to keep you from making the same mistake.

I like movies when I have the time to see them.  Now, everyone has a
favorite, and that's fine, and I like Roger Ebert's reviews.  The quickest
way for me to get there is to go to and enter "  review Ebert
[movie title]  ".  If Ebert gives it a thumb's up, I give the movie a shot.
I've done this at least 100 times without a problem.  This was about 6 pm on

In this case, the movie was "The Secret," which was released in 2007.  I was
clueless.  So, I went to Google and entered "  review Ebert The Secret  ".
I hit "Enter," and was immediately blindsided by a zillion pop-ups,
re-directs, adware, spyware, viruses and a few additional trojans tossed in.

I've been trying to rescue myself ever kidding.

All I can figure is that someone out there really either didn't like the
review or didn't like the movie.  I don't know, because I didn't give it a
try a second time.

But, I remember that you helped me out of my last attack back in
2007....and, I still thank you for that.          jim

Re: Trojan- Downloader .Injecter

On 02/09/2009 10:37 PM, Jim sent:

Hello Jim:

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How?  What was used to do this?  How did you know which malware was
present in your system?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

How are you able to identify /this/ malware?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

What had you purchased?

What is your present exact OS?

What antimalware products are you using now?

Is your system up to date with all current patches?

How old is your most recent & complete backup?

1PW  @?6A62?FEH9:DE=6o2@=]4@> [r4o7t]

Re: Trojan- Downloader .Injecter

On Tue, 10 Feb 2009 00:37:47 -0600, Jim wrote:

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1.Clear the (IE) temporary Internet files and the history cache.
Click 'Start' and then click 'Run'... then type (or copy/paste)
"inetcpl.cpl" (w/out quotation marks) into the box, then click the 'OK'
In Internet Properties panel 'General' tab, under 'Browsing history', click
'Delete...'button, in 'Delete Browsing History' panel, click the 'Delete
all...' button then place a checkmark into the box beside 'Also delete
files and settings stored by add-ons', Click 'Yes' and exit the Internet
Properties panel by clicking the 'OK' button.

2.Clean HDD
Click 'Start' and then click 'Run...' then type (or copy/paste) "cleanmgr"
(w/out quotation marks into the box, then click the 'OK' button. Select
your drive
(presumably WinXP (C:) and click OK.
2a.Delete files using Disk Cleanup (if on Vista)

Malwarebytes© Corporation - Anti-Malware
SuperAntispyware - Free
Kaspersky® Virus Removal Tool /

The above mentioned applications are not capable for real-time protection
of your computer; They are on-demand scanners.

Kaspersky® Virus Removal Tool has no update feature (so it don't turn into
a full blown scanner). As soon as your computer is cleaned you are supposed
to remove this tool from your operating system and revert back to your
(updated) resident (real-time) AV application.
To uninstall/move this program 'enable self-defense' must be unchecked!

To scan your computer with the most up-to-date Kaspersky® AVPTool databases
next time you should download a new Kaspersky® AVPTool package.

Keep MBAM and SAS installed and use them as 'second-opinion' scanner which
is purposely (by design) recommended by their respective authors.

After the software is updated, it is suggested scanning the system in Safe
Mode (this does not apply to MBAM).
"Malwarebytes actually performs better in Normal Mode" says Dustin Cook,
co-author of MBAM.
How do you boot to Safe Mode?
By pressing/tabbing F8 (or F5 on some keyboards) during re-boot.
A description of the Safe Mode Boot options in Windows XP
Start your computer in safe mode (Vista)

4.Download and execute HiJack This! (HJT)

Please, do not post HJT logs to this newsgroup.
Fora where you can get expert advice for HiJack This! (HJT) logs.

Registration is required in any of the above mentioned fora before posting
a HJT log and read the 'stickies' (instructions/guidelines) for the
respective HJT forum.

5.Routinely practice Safe-Hex.

Good luck :)

Re: Trojan- Downloader .Injecter

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Quoted text here. Click to load it
Quoted text here. Click to load it
Quoted text here. Click to load it
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Thank you......I'm already onto some of this, but I missed some essentials
that you mentioned.....I appreciate it.  Jim

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