Trend Officescan Client Install Fails on Win98

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I'm running Officescan 5.58 on Win NT Server 4.0 SP 6A. Over several
years I've successfully installed clients via the web installation
screens on dozens of Win 98 and Win 2000 machines.

Over the past year I'm seeing escalating problems with Officescan
clients on Win 98 machines with low memory (64 MB or less). Typically
this manifests in pop3pack crashing during mail downloads in Eudora or
Outlook Express. Sometimes the boot sequence gets hosed and I have to
boot into Safe Mode, uninstall the Officescan Client, then reboot into
normal mode and reinstall it. I'd been hypothesizing that despite
Trend Micro's claims that it still fully supports Win 98, the resource
demands of its pattern file and scan engine updates have been slowly
creeping upward, causing more and more frequent problems.

Anyway, yesterday, during one of these Safe Mode uninstall/regular
mode reinstall situations, I saw something I've never seen before:

The client installation got about half-way done--it finished
downloading pattern files--then I got the following error:

"Server name or address could not be resolved."

Installation halted, and a web page appeared advising me to clean my
caches or that there might be a virus on the machine. Part of the
Officescan folder hierarchy had been created on the machine, and a few
files had been dropped into them.

I cleaned the caches and tried again. No help.

So I deleted the machine's primary partition, re-created it,
reformatted the hard drive, reinstalled Win 98 SE, and tried the
Officescan client install again. Same error.

The network connection to this machine, and to the server, was fine.

I tried checking the "Connect to the OfficeScan server using its fully
qualified domain name" box (normally not checked) in the Advanced
section of the Client Administration area. This had no effect on the

Just the day before I had done two successful client installs on Win
2000 boxes.

I can't find anything even remotely resembling this on this group or
the Trend Micro website. I'd really appreciate any suggestions.


Ken Dibble

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