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Installed trial version b/c reviews said less resource intensive than NAV.
Well it turns out that PC Cillin uses about 100 MB of RAM, 80 MB with just
Did I do something wrong?????

Re: Trend Micro PC Cillin

Nota Clu wrote:
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Are you confusing the spaced needed to install the program to the hard
drive _with_ the amount of "chips on a stick"(system) memory needed to
run the program?

Think of the hard drive as the file cabinet next to your desk and system
memory as your desktop. The stuff(data) on your desktop is available
almost instantly; but it takes some time to get the stuff out of the
file cabinet.

Even though both are "RAM"; the space used on the hard drive isn't much
of a problem. 100MB for a program is now "small". Remember that this
figure includes the graphics, logs, help files, tutorials, and lots
more. The actual "executeable files" that do the work are a very small
part of that.

Most people consider "system resources useage" to be the percentage of
processor time used to run the program; with the system memory required
to do the work added in. (there's often a "balancing act" here; no easy

Anti-virus software ("anti-malware" really ) uses some amount of system
resources just by sitting off to the side; being a watchdog. A small
amount is better; but only if it works as expected. The higher the
useage; the slower that other programs work. At some point; you won't
tolerate the slowdown.

Over the years; the "detection engine" of quite a few AV programs have
gotten so bloated that users would not purchase that program again. That
would force the vendor to correct the problem. McAfee; Norton/Symantec;
Panda; TrendMicro; et al..... about every vendor has suffered this.

As far as TrendMicro's PCillin; my wife's machine is running the VCom
bundled version. I'd rate it very good on useage and excellent on
updates/scanning speed/ effectiveness.

Re: Trend Micro PC Cillin

HDD space is not the issue.  In Task Manager, modules associated with PPC
are consumming 100+ MB of RAM.  At boot, with Zone Alarm Pro also running,
my XP machine's Commit Charge was approx 230MB.  With PCC the Commit Charge
at boot is about 300+ MB RAM.
I have 3.2 GHz P4 with 1Gig of PC3200 DDR2 RAM.

Re: Trend Micro PC Cillin

Nota Clu wrote:
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Are you running the TrendMicro PCC firewall alongside ZA?

Re: Trend Micro PC Cillin

I did not install PCC's firewall.  I forgot to say that I was running NAV
with a total commit charge of 230MB.  With PCC it is 300+MB.

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