Trend Micro & HOSTS file

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I'm running PC-Cillian 2006 with (overall) happy results, but I'm a
developer running a local instance of Apache, and need to accesss these
local "domains" in my work. They're mapped to localhost in my HOSTs

With its anti-phishing turned-on, PC-Cillian "claims" I can see these
entries in the HOSTS exception tab, and indicate which ones are OK.
While it sounds great in theory, it does not work.

The list is empty (PC-Cillian is not reading the HOSTs file) despite
the fact that I have eigh entries there.

Naturally, whenever I try to access one of these sites for the first
time in a session PC-Cillian complains, and prompts me to create an

I do, and I'm good for that session, but the exception is never really
added (still doesn't appear under the HOSTs tab), and vanishes after a
reboot, so I have to start all over again.

I've filled-out their support form twice in the last ten days, and have
yet to hear anything back from them.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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