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ThreatFire got a good review in the latest PC Magazine. Does anybody have
experience to report about it, good or bad?

With Windows XP SP2 MCE, I already use the free versions of ZoneAlarm, AVG,
AdAware, and Spybot. It appears that ThreatFire would fill in a coverage
gap of these and not make any of them extraneous. Is this true?

Does ThreatFire update itself regularly over the Internet like a virus
scanner does? If so, is in unobtrusive? I like that AVG updates don't
require admin mode, for example.

Is there a significant performance impact?

Any other downside?


Re: ThreatFire

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I've used ThreatFire on a few systems (XP and Vista) with mixed results.  I
would agree that it compliments signature based antivirus and antispyware
software.  Updates are available for it, but not on a daily basis like AV
and AS.  So far the updates have been new versions of the program so I
wouldn't call them unobtrusive, but since they don't happen that often I
haven't minded.  I've been using Admin accounts so I don't know if updates
can be applied from a limited user account.  "Performance impact" is the
sticky issue.  It's hard to quantify, but it does seem to make the system
less responsive.  I had trouble with it on my Vista system, but I think it
may have been caused by a conflict with Comodo BoClean.  On the plus side
ThreatFire is free and easily uninstalled in my experience so I would
encourage you to try it.  Currently I'm trying the Mamutu beta which is a
similar behavior based IDS (intrusion detection system) application.  It
works better then TF on my Vista system.  It is free while in beta, but will
become subscription-ware when it is released.  Hope this helps!

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