The end of a era :(

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I just happened to notice this file in the F-prot for
DOS package:
Changes in version 3.16f

3.16f is expected to be the last version of the DOS scanner.

It includes some minor changes, such as scanning of WMF files.

The total number of viruses and Trojans that are detected with version
3.16f is somewhere over 286.200.
It's been a fun trip, Frisk. Somehow, I hate to see it end.


Re: The end of a era :(

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Sigh. Another one bites the dust...
And so it goes.

Dustin Cook
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Re: The end of a era :(

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AFAIK there is another command line scanner in the works. I know that
F-Prot 6 for windows should be realeased soon!

Regards, Ian Kenefick
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Re: The end of a era :(

Art wrote:
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that sucks ass...

i wonder if he'll ever make f-prot for windows (or some subset thereof)
free for personal non-commercial use... then people who really do use
dos or are affected by dos malware can continue using f-prot for dos
secure in the knowledge that any threats they're likely to face are
exceptionally old and well handled by this final release, and the rest
of the world can move on to a product that has as appealing a licensing
option as f-prot for dos had...

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Re: The end of a era :(

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Ouch! :(

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Re: The end of a era :(

On Sat, 24 Jun 2006 18:15:18 GMT, me@tadyatam.invalid wrote:

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Up to about
version 3.7 of f-prot for dos, they included  F-STOPW which sort of
worked as a monitor in windows, i think it was removed after version
3.7 for dos.

That was a bargain, free dos with a windows monitor.

I hope i got this right , i was a young bloke in those days


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